You can learn to learn differently. Simply by doing it differently together!

Over 500 future teachers and their educators at Windesheim will start an inspiring dialogue about good education for the future at the Zwolle IJsselhallen on April 11th. MeYouWeDo has been invited to share uncommon dreams for the future together with them.

Whether you are a student or a teacher, we do it personally…

“What does good education for the future look like in your ideal world, without ‘can’t’ and ‘yes, but’? Together with first and second-year students, you will build hopeful education for that future on this day.”

Imagine the power of 500 (prospective) teachers coming together!

In the morning, each small team will build a life-sized Dream Café with bamboo sticks. This way, you will create a mega dream city together in that empty hall. There, you will “travel” to the future in cafes and enrich each other’s dreams. Because your dreams matter! How do you want to contribute as a teacher to a better future for yourself, for others, and for the world? What does this mean to you, what makes your heart beat faster? And you don’t stop there, you go further. What can you do now to realize that beautiful future? And how can we help each other, also in education?”

In the afternoon, you will watch the film ‘Bigger than Us’ by Flore Vasseur. You will get to know peers from different continents worldwide who will share their personal stories and motivations with you.

“One by one, powerful MeYouWeDo portraits showing how they contribute to our world. Right after the film, you can have a live Q&A with Dorothée Martin, the film’s production manager.”

“She comes all the way from Paris to Zwolle for this special Windesheim day. Via livestream, you will also meet Mohamad al Jounde, one of the main characters in the film. He founded a school in the refugee camp in Lebanon where he stayed.”

Dreaming, sharing, and doing (un)common things together. A salute to these educators of Windesheim and their colleagues, because they dare to embark on this adventure! Ilse Speelman, Ellen Kloet, Erik Schakelaar, Liena van Loenen-Sarkis, Joris van Hamersveld, and others.

If you’d rather avoid the emergency exit 🙂 and are curious about inspiring possibilities to make beautiful future dreams come true together, check out our approach.

😉 Jan Rotmans… bringing ’the future closer’ and Kees Klomp…’you can’t be without meaning’ 😊

‘Bigger than Us’ Julia van Berlo award-winning at the Cannes Film Festival

“Communication is a social act because it requires two or more people to interact” – G.H. Mead