This new generation is ready to embrace the transition and experiment with new ways of education, entrepreneurship, collaboration, and personal leadership. They have courage and show bravery to venture off the beaten path and create new roads as they go along. They are willing to learn from mistakes and build on what works, and they have beautiful dreams for a better education, for themselves, for others, and for the world.

Terugblik Droomproject

This transition goes beyond just education. It is about a broader societal change, where values such as meaning, sustainability, purpose, and collaboration are central. It is about developing inner leadership, connecting different disciplines, and building a circular economy. It requires imagination, innovation, and hope.

This generation is determined to make a positive impact, bigger than themselves. They are willing to collaborate, support each other, and promote collective responsibility. They are driven by their mission and motivations to create a better world. They are the pioneers of the transition, and they will keep going, further than where others have stopped.

So let’s continue this adventurous journey, together with the young generation and all other stakeholders who are willing to experiment, learn, and build towards a hopeful future. Let’s trust each other, connect, innovate, and collaborate to realize the transition and create a better world.