Last week, clothing brands such as Patagonia, Mango, Puma, Diesel, Zalando, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, Timberland, Zeeman, Houdini Sportswear, Aldi, Primark, and Bestseller gathered at the Innovation Forum in Amsterdam to discuss responsible fashion industry and how they can adapt their practices to meet growing sustainability expectations. The two-day conference was aware of the complexity of the issue and explicitly provided space for open off-the-record discussions. They discussed topics such as developing net-zero strategies, transforming supply chains, involving consumers, increasing circularity, and generating positive social impact.

It’s good to see these brands sharing their perspectives on this issue, as the transformation of the fashion industry requires a conversation about what is truly valuable. This dialogue should not be limited to CEOs and chief sustainability officers of well-known brands; it should also involve employees, suppliers, and customers by simply asking them, “what do you dream of when it comes to a more sustainable world?” Only by connecting the values of all stakeholders and considering their positive and negative effects can we create a powerful collective engagement that is necessary to take serious action. We need to work together, not alone.

The question now is, what is the effect of this dialogue in Amsterdam? What is the next step for these brands, or better yet, for the entire fashion industry? We need action, not just talk. In June, the Innovation Forum will provide opportunities for dialogue and action in New York.

We are looking for pioneers, leaders, and perseverers who want to make the fashion industry circular. In Amsterdam, we have formed new MeYouWeDo connections with a mix of CEOs, suppliers, chief sustainability officers, NGOs, and governments who are enthusiastic connections that can contribute to what is good for all of us and the greater good.

Let’s realize our future dreams together with large-scale positive impact. Courage, collaboration, co-creation, and perseverance are some of the inner development goals that can lower barriers to moving quickly.