Nothing is more powerful than people doing what they do because they genuinely want to. The personal stories they share about it have an empowering effect. Intrinsic motivation is contagious. It is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. It connects and forms the basis for ‘return on involvement’.

Collective imagination is the springboard for co-creation. As humans, we see the world with our own unique perspectives and focus. This diversity makes us unique. Together, we see more, develop a broader imagination, and have the potential to be more inventive. Collaboratively, we explore new perspectives and can achieve transitions.

Realising future dreams begins with sharing compelling scenarios. Taking the first step to explore the unknown together requires courage. Curiosity, willingness to experiment, and learning from mistakes help us progress. It is an adventurous process in which we learn to trust each other again and build upon what works.

During MeYouWeDo expeditions, we orient ourselves towards promising developments towards the future. Along the way, we create new sustainable paths or establish new connections between existing routes. Navigating with our transition compass, we change course when necessary. As we travel, we discover new ways to explore what seemed previously impassable.